Rewards FAQ

Program Details

How does my UDG Foodie Club Loyalty Membership work?
Simply register at with either your phone number or pick up a card at UDG Downtown Crossing. Every time you make a purchase, just remind the cashier that you’re a Foodie Club member.
Do I need to keep a track of my purchases?
We do that for you.
Can I cancel my membership in the Foodie Club?
Of course. Just click “unsubscribe” when you get an email.


What kind of rewards can I expect?
Once you’re registered and use your membership at the cashier, you will earn points with every purchase. One dollar = one point. Earn 50 points, receive $5 off. Members will also receive periodical offers and freebies just for being in the Club.
How long are my rewards good for?
Some will have specific redemption periods, but our intention is to make everything we do convenient to fit your life style and needs.
How do I know when I'm entitled to a reward?
There are three ways to find out if you've got a reward. Here's how we will let you know:
  1. Through an email
  2. When you swipe your card at the register (that might be for your next visit)
  3. On-line

Card Details

Where can I get a UDG Foodie Club Membership card?
You pick one up at UDG in Downtown Crossing. Then go on line at to register.
How do I register my card?
Go on line at to register.
Do I have to register to become a member?
Yes. To receive rewards, you need to register.
Does it cost anything to be a member?
Membership is free.
I've lost my card, can I get another one?
Yes. Come in to UDG and we'll give you another card.
I have a card, but I'm not receiving rewards. What do I do?
Email us at so we can fix the problem.
Is it good at any Uno Due Go?
No, only at UDG in Downtown Crossing.

Registration Details

I got my card at Uno Due Go in Downtown Crossing in Boston; what do I do next?
Go on line at to register.
Why do I have to give my email address?
It's the best way we have to stay in touch. It allows us to let you know about special rewards and benefits.
Why do you have to know personal details like my birthday?
We want to acknowledge important dates – the year isn't important – but we'd like to get a chance to give you a present. It's not required, but it will be worth it.

My Information

Is my information really private?
We never sell or share our data or your personal information. You've trusted us and we respect that. Your privacy is very important to us. Please see our Privacy Policy for more details.
Can I edit my information? How do I do that?
Go on line at and edit your profile information anytime you want

Communication Details

Will I receive lots of emails from you?
We realize you have a busy life and never want to overload you or your inbox.
Who can I contact if I have questions about my UDG-Foodie Club card?
Email us at and we'll answer any of your questions.